Sun News reports on the hard working women of Canada’s World War 2 munitions factories

Posted on January 21, 2014     

Ajax’s real life ‘Bomb Girls’ are in the news again!

Posted on January 2, 2013     
Former Defence Industries Employee, Hughena Kennedy (nee MacDonald) shared her war story with Ajax High School students and Metroland Durham Region Media recently. Read her story here,

Interested in hearing the WWII stories from the perspective of those who lived it?

Posted on November 15, 2012     

‘War Story’ is a new television series for the History Channel featuring little-known stories of Canadians in combat, told entirely by the men and women who were there. Each episode of War Story tells the story of an extraordinary military event where Canadians made the difference. War Story reveals the horror and heroism of battle and survival as never before as it looks behind the headlines and slogans, exposing the very human side of conflict: the victories and the cost, the love and loss.

You can watch episodes of War Story online or by tuning in to the History Channel Friday evenings at 8.

Included among those featured on the series are, Louise Johnson, former DIL employee and Honourary Patron for the Legacy Campaign as well as Queenie Curnoe, former employee at Victory Aircraft during the Second World War. Both of these women played an essential role in war factories which proved significant to secure Allied victory.

Watch Louise’s story
Watch Queenie’s story

Scugog’s Bomb Girls Remember

Posted on November 8, 2012     

Read the stories of two Scugog Island ladies’ during their time at DIL – The Scugog Standard, November 8, 2012

Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign kicks off

Posted on October 11, 2012     

During WWII, Defence Industries Limited opened in what’s now Ajax. About 7,000 women were hired from across Canada to work at the shell-filling plant. Three of those women, now in their 90s, tell us their stories. Click here to watch the video!

Celebration for the Bombs Girls

Posted on October 5, 2012     

Durham residents stepped back in time to honour Ajax’s Bomb Girls this past weekend. Click here to view the pictures.

Step back in time and honour Ajax’s Bomb Girls

Posted on October 4, 2012     

Durham residents are invited to step back in time to honour Ajax’s “Bomb Girls.”

Shell-a-Bration, the official kickoff event for a fundraising campaign to build a monument honouring the women of Defense Industries Limited, takes place Friday, Sept. 28 at Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility, 2700 Audley Rd. N.


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Bomb Girl Campaign in the Oshawa Express

Posted on September 14, 2012     

Campaigning for the “bomb girls” Ajax Councillor Colleen Jordan and Cherry Sevigny stopped by the Ontario Regiment Museum to board an M4 Sherman tank alongside regiment member Dave Montenay, the museum’s president Leo Morin, and curator Earl Wotton.

Read full article here.

My Community is Durham, Rogers Cable 10 Appearance

Posted on September 13, 2012     

Louise Johnson, former DIL worker and Honourary Patron, Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign will describe her years working at Defence Industries Limited.  Colleen Jordan, Chair, of the Campaign will talk about our two year fund raising campaign to commission a monument to the women munitions workers and  our  “Shell-a-bration” being held Sept. 28th at Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility, Ajax.

Appearance can be seen here.